Oct 2, 2014 | By: A Woman

Developing a sales business mind - The WHY (Part 2) - Day 490

In my previous blog, I started sharing my experiences in sales from the mind dimension - how I saw my mind influencing my application in the field and within that, how I started to support myself to stop accessing energetic cycles but instead, started to apply  consistency within my day to day living application. I finished off the previous blog with the statement:

"...In creating structure in your day to day living, there is no place for energetic fluctuations as in every moment of the day, you know exactly what needs to be done to make your business a success. Though, if you are not clear on WHY you are doing what you are doing and/or, you do not understand the number game principle of sales, you will very quickly fall into the energetic ride even with having a structural schedule to follow. This will be discussed in the next blog"

Before I go into the number game principle, I would like to focus on the 'WHY' as the 'WHY' is the one point that will support one in challenging times - it is a constant background reminder  that if established genuinely inside oneself, one is able to support oneself in following through one's own decision to walk a certain path and/or achieve certain results.

What is this 'WHY'? The 'WHY' to me is the life force through which I move myself - it is a genuine expression through which I direct my reality - it is why I wake up in the morning, it is why I make the decisions that I make, it is why I dare to take risks, it is why I stand up when I fall.

For some, the 'why' would be their child that they must take care for; for others it may be a long term goal of building orphaned house for example; some would want to live a life of luxury without having to think about their survival and for others the 'why' be to ensure that everyone on earth live a life of luxury without having to think of their survival.

For me, when looking back at my life, it was very hard to commit to a certain job before I established a clear definition to what my 'why' was. It was challenging to be discipline and not fall into emotions when I didn't  have a constant background reminder of why I must overcome the challenges that I faced. I remember how back then, I used to change jobs like socks - the moment I faced a conflict as a reaction inside myself I ran away. This pattern of mine to avoid conflicts and give up even when it meant that I would be unemployed, changed the moment I realized for myself what was/is my 'why'.

With having a 'why', I couldn't accept and allow reactions/conflicts/emotions/feeling to determine who I am and what I do - I had to consciously make the decision to stand up and direct myself in my environment. So for instance with conflicts with a co-workers, I pushed myself to communicate with them so that together we can come up with solutions that would allow us to reach our individuals 'whys'. Within that I found that people that I had conflict with actually held a gift for me as there was always something about myself that I could learn with resolving the conflict.

With reactions/emotions, what I found to work for me in these moments was to stop and remind myself why am I doing what I am doing - what is the greatest purpose within it all. From here, in self honesty, there is no space to slack or to give up because if I do, I would compromise my 'why' and this for me is unacceptable.

Looks, there are moment when the mind takes over and I want to give up or to slack for a moment but the 'why' that I stand equal and one as is my pillar of support through which I push myself to let go of my reactions and move to solutions. It is obviously a process - old patterns do not go away over night - but they are fading away eventually, in accumulation of moments that we support ourselves to change reactions into solutions.

In business and especially in sales, we cannot allow ourselves to be influenced by emotions/reactions/frictions - we have to ground ourselves and be consistent within our daily application. Having a 'WHY' is of great support if the 'why' is genuine and can stand the test of time. Test of time meaning - when the 'why' is so strong inside yourself where it doesn't matter what you face, it won't change who you are and what you stand for/as. So, if you are in sales and you haven't yet allocated your own individual 'why' - I suggest you take a moment and find inside of yourself your 'why' to support yourself in difficult times. With having the 'why' and understanding the 'number game' (which I will explain in my next blog) - nothing is impossible.



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