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The Secret Agent is being Targeted - Day 264



This is a continuation to the Previous blogs:

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Note - for the purposes of having a context to the following, I suggest to first read the previous blogs before continuing.


I'll start with a story that assisted me to understand the 'Targeting system' in a simple and Commonsensically way:

When I studied Law, I was interested in practicing the Criminal Law and before I made the decision whether or not I should go for it, I arranged a meeting with my Criminal Law Professor. Previous to the meeting, I was quite sure that the Professor will be the next stop before I'll commit myself to this life path. Little did I know that the meeting will be the stepping stone for my decision to not only go not peruse the Criminal law life path but to not become a lawyer at all because as far as I was concerned, being a lawyer wasn't something I really wanted to be but if I would have become a lawyer, I would only go for Criminal Law practice.


The Professor gave me some insights to consider, based on his past experiences and as I saw it, the points he pointed out were valid and made sense from the perspective of why it was best for me to not become a Criminal Lawyer. But within the context of this blog, one of the relevant point he said to me was something like:

"Let's say you start working with a client when he is quite young. Slowly but surely, the client would expose you to the truth of what they had actually done but since you are their lawyer, your job is to protect them. Now, let's say that this client is becoming part of Mafia. What would you do then? One option is to keep protecting the client and try sleeping at night which will be quite difficult because you know what you are allowing in this world. The other option is to say: "No more". Do you really think they will let you go so easily, when you know so much about them? when you are now a threat to them? when you showed your disloyalty to them? most likely that if you chose the second option, you'll be removed, disappear, dead. If you would have a family at this stage, your entire family would be in risk because the client would do what ever needs to be done to make you shut up and they will leave nothing for chance."


So, within that context, the Criminal Lawyer of a Mafia Client is acting as the Secret Agent. Although, not necessarily with the same benefits, rewards and experiences like the Government/Agency's Secret Agent.

The point is - when and as the Secret Agent would show signs of threat to the Government/Agency/Client wherein, the Government/Agency/Client would lose Everything they have worked for if the Secret Agent open their mouth, the Agent would be targeted as a threat and would most likely to be removed by unexpected 'Accident'.

Now, if you do your research, you would see that many world leaders where assassin or died in 'Unexpected accident' when they stood as a threat to the system of Control and Greed. Yes, many would say that I'm now participating with Conspiracy Theories but the truth of the matter is - Those that claim that without studying and investigating the History from all dimensions are in essence directed by FEAR as a justification that would allow them to remain ignorant because after all - Ignorant is bliss (when one has Money to afford the Bliss). 

If you Dare and allow yourself to practically connect the dots throughout history, you'd see for yourself the unspoken truth that effected your life, directly or indirectly and the Lives of all of us. You would see that this world would have already been a world that is best for all, if these world leaders would have the opportunity to establish and implement the policies they would have established, if they wouldn't have died from unexpected accidents.


The Secret Agent that dares to Question the System is immediately targeted. How does that correlate to the Secret Agent in the mind? This will be explained in my next blog.


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